Cassandra Calogera

Cassandra Calogera's details

  • June 26, 1986
  • Hartford, CT, USA
  • 121lb
  • 5'4"
  • 36DD-26-34


Cassandra Calogera was born in Hartford, Connecticut and grew up in a small town on the east coast. At the age of 19, she packed up her belongings and moved around quite a bit, exploring new places and new things along the way. She had no idea what her future was going to hold. After stays in Colorado and Arizona, Cassandra has now settled into the life of an adult film actress and model living in North Hollywood, California. She has only been in the business since 2007 but has already earned a large crowd of fans and performed in some unforgettable scenes. Cassandra began her career doing only softcore solo and girl-girl shoots and videos, but has since transitioned into doing hardcore boy/girl scenes that often involve more than one partner. Of Italian, Native American and Polish heritage, Cassandra is happy to flaunt the sexy natural body that her great genes gave her. Having remarkably large 36DD breasts helped get her into the door of the industry, but it is her personable personality and driven performances that have turned her into a successful starlet. Cassandra has piercings on her ears, lip, tongue and belly button as well as a tattoo on her lower right hip. When asked what her sexuality is, she jokingly answers "straight, however I am a bi-sexual drunk". Cassandra loves her laptop, Diet Snapple, techno music, and her Beagle, Bernie.

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