Nika Noire

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  • December 8, 1984
  • Zaporizhia, Ukraine
  • 130lb
  • 5'10"
  • 34DD-28-36


Tall and bountifully buxom Nika Noire moved to America because she wanted to practice her English, or so that's what she told immigration. But we all know the real reason why Nika moved here, and it has little to do with learning, and lots to do with fornicating! Swooping in from the old country - Zaporizhia, Ukraine - Nika moved to L.A. to see how many Yanks she could wank before getting deported for crimes against morality.

With her sexy accent and comprehensive catalogue of freaky European fetishes, Nika couldn't wait to show America how hard Zaporizhian sluts could party. And show them she did! With over 200 steamy fuck scenes to her name, Nika now proudly reigns atop the pedestal of Ukrainian porn stars. An industry go-to for high energy sex scenes, Nika gives one five-star blowjob after another, and is so flexible she can wrap her legs behind her head and spit on her own pussy. Moaning her way in and out of every position like a crazed nympho, Nika isn't just hot, she's downright molten!

At 5'10, she's not afraid to play with the big-boys either, handling even the biggest of rods with ease, eagerly sliding them into her super wet vagina. She also loves using her size to help dominate cute teen pussies who aren't quite sure what they're getting themselves into. Proving that the "beast from the east" and the "femme fatale" can be one and the same, Nika has been nailing studs for so long she's often credited as being an influence for the ever growing army of a Eastern European porno sluts. So get ready to have your world discovered, because Nika Noire is about to drop an A-bomb over everything you once thought mattered. See you in rehab!

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