Nikki Rhodes

Nikki Rhodes' details

  • January 20, 1982
  • Simi Valley, CA, USA
  • 99lb
  • 5'1"
  • 34C-25-35


Redheaded women have a reputation for being short-fused firecrackers and wild fucks, and Nikki Rhodes is definitely a great example of both! She's got natural tits and wide hips, and her round butt is ripe for the spanking! Nikki was a makeup artist for a porn shoot when she was discovered and offered a role. From the moment the first dick touched her tongue, Nikki knew she had found her calling! Almost immediately, she was nominated for the prestigious AVN award for female performer of the year, and later would win the AVN award for Most Outrageous Sex Scene for her role in 'Night of the Giving Head.'

Nikki considers herself a feminist and a role model, and tries to empower women to live their sexuality to its fullest every time she steps onto a set. More specifically, Nikki also wanted to set an example for red heads struggling with the 'ugly duckling syndrome.' Refusing to ever do things considered degrading or humiliating to women, Nikki instead chose to focus on the quality of her scenes instead of the quantity. Nikki loves beautiful babes, and when a lady knows what they want she gets really turned on. Not to forget the fellas, Nikki also adores sucking cock; "I don't know what it is, I just love it!" As long as her partner takes care of themselves, Nikki is open minded, passionate, and ready to have fun.

A natural red head, Nikki can't stay in direct sunlight very long without suffering a sunburn, but that doesn't stop her from appreciating the outdoors. When she's sheltered from the sun's rays, Nikki lets her artistic side shine through, and Ms. Rhodes loves drawing, painting, and photography. Nikki also collects Disney pins, and is part of a community of traders around the world. When she is recognized by fans of her movies, she is still slightly shy and embarrassed, and that's a huge contrast to the naughty, gorgeous, ginger goddess she is when the cameras are rolling!


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