Priya Rai

Priya Rai's details

  • December 25, 1977
  • New Dehli, India
  • 98lb
  • 5'3"
  • 34D-24-34


After stripping for over ten years, Priya Rai decided it was time to take the next step and enter the world of hardcore pornography. Unlike most ladies who decide to go pro, Priya was never in it for the fame. She just wanted to get paid and get fucked, so she started off low key, only shooting gonzo and low-budget porn. But try as she might, this stunning temptress just couldn't stay under the radar for long.

Thanks to her Indian heritage, Priya has a unique tantric style that brings costars to their knees, and fappers to their screens. There are only a few Indian ladies working the XXX circuit, and Priya is arguably the most hardcore, making her a rare find in the industry's sea of bleached blondes. Her popularity has exploded as studios fight for the chance to shoot her elegant golden skin and sensual fucking style, bringing Miss Rai out of the shadows and onto the world class stage.

Whether she planned it or not, Priya has become a global superstar, shocking the world with her jaw-dropping feature performances, including her AVN award-winning role in Cheerleaders. One of the sexiest MILFs in adult entertainment, this sultry sensation's star is so hot that she's become one of the few actresses to make the crossover to the mainstream world. Her starring role in the popular horror film Isis Rising: Curse of the Lady money was a smash hit, but despite her recent R-rated endeavors, naughty nympho really shines when things get nasty, dirty, and down right filthy!

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