Lacey Maguire

Lacey Maguire's details

  • November 8, 1986
  • Manchester, UK
  • 103lb
  • 5'4"
  • 34B-21-30


Lacey Maguire flew all the way from Manchester, England to the U.S.A. for one-reason-and-one-reason-only: getting fucked on camera. It must have been an awkward morning in the immigration office when under "Reasons for entering the United States of America," Maguire simply wrote "I want to be a porn star!"

And so began her vagtastic voyage across the red, white, and blue, clit-bopping her way through the heartiest dongs 'Murica has to offer. Gracing us with her presence, this platinum bombshell looks like she was engineered in a fuck-factory for the sole purpose of getting our rocks off. Equipped with mouth-watering big fake tits, a bubbly ass, and a nice pink pussy, she's a living incarnation of a sexed up pin-up.

Lacey has an insatiable lust for assplay and she hauls on cock like it's her only meal of the day. Few porn stars can take it up the ass as hard as Lacey does. Just watching her take Mick Blue's 10" blue-veiner in "Ass Addiction 3" is enough to make sure you never sit right again. But she does it time and time again, desperate for another mind-blowing anal orgasm. She’s here for a good time, not a long time, so if you're into hot blondes with sexy accents, then hold that call and take your seat, because you'll want to dive into Lacey like a nice slice of hot apple pie.

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