Lux Kassidy

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  • May 17, 1985
  • Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • 121lb
  • 5'6"
  • 34D-25-34


Lux Kassidy had her big fake tits installed two years before the senior prom. Still a virgin, and the first chick from her town to get fake tits, Lux was rocking silicone 34Cs while her best friends were still in training bras. An instant hit in the school yard, Lux's ridiculous teenage boob-job was the talk of the town. She had more friends than ever before, all the guys were asking her out, and the school bus driver could barely keep 'er between the lines. Meanwhile, her teachers and coaches had to spend the next two years staring at the ground, lest they accidentally get caught looking at those big fleshy career-destroyers. Fast forward four years, and Lux Kassidy was shooting her first porno and not a single person was the least bit surprised.

Getting started with nudie glamour shoots, Lux has always liked to keep her work in the adult industry as classy as possible. And it's this classiness which made her a Penthouse Pet of the Month back in 2007. Though she's bisexual, you won't find any cock-scenes with this platinum-blonde angel - she only does masturbation and lesbian shoots. And with a body so perfect, that's all she needs to do. There's plenty of stars out there willing to get dicked and cummed on, but Lux has a body too fresh and pure to involve herself in any of the usual nastiness. A pin-up babe down to her roots, Lux isn't here to get fucked, she's here to be worshiped. Whether that's by being a poster on your wall or by being the babe who visits you in your dreams, Lux Cassidy is a bodacious babe who will always have you wanting more.

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