Katarina Kat

Katarina Kat's details

  • June 19, 1984
  • Kazakhstan
  • 121lb
  • 5'9"
  • 34C-24-34


Hailing from the glorious nation of Kazakhstan comes Katarina Kat, the eastern starlet who joined a travelling circus when she was only three years old. A professionally trained contortionist and aerial gymnast, Katarina grew up in colorful tents and performed for top notch circuses until she had a career-ending trapeze accident in 2004. Not to worry though, because Katarina's circus acts were about to come back in a big way!

Longing to perform once more, Katarina entered an amateur stripping contest and contorted her Kazakhstani limbs around that pole in a way no one had ever seen. Blowing her competition out of the water, Katarina was immediately commissioned as a stripper, and it wasn't long before she was starring in her first adult feature. Bringing that hardened, no-holds-barred, Eastern European fucking style we all know and love, Katarina developed an insatiable hunger for cock and pussy and went on to film another 80 dick flicks. By 2008 she'd been nominated for several AVN awards, including "Unsung Starlet of the Year," and "Best Tease Performance". So check out Katarina if you're into Eastern Bloc babes who give the term "circus freak" a whole new meaning!

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