Jordana James

Jordana James' details

  • November 26, 1985
  • Springfield, USA
  • 112lb
  • 5'6"
  • 32B-24-34


At five-foot-six, 112 lbs. Jordana James' slim frame is not much thicker than the dicks she takes on camera. Hailing from Springfield, Illinois, this absolute stunner is a show stopper from head to toe. She's got big shadowy eyes, heart shaped lips, and a tiny ass that leaves her pussy exposed for the taking; nothing getting in the way of that deep penetration. Her hourglass bod is such sophisticated perfection, it can only suggest one thing - intelligent design.

Born in 1985, Jordana took the porno plunge at 21 years old and has hardly aged a day since. Knowing that she was a pervert from early on, this horny hottie was obsessed with playing with her pussy, savoring the taste, the smell, and every orgasmic twitch of her luscious legs. Nothing gets this sultry Sagittarius off more than being able to lick her truffle cream off a big hard dick. And now she gets to do it on camera! With her hot youthful face and submissive nature, Jordana looks amazing when she's tied down, or better yet, has a leash around her neck, like in Digital Playground's own "Mademoiselle". Also check her out in "Deeper 05" where she reverse cowgirl's one of the biggest dicks in L.A. until it drizzles her in hot wet love.

When she's not getting her yummy walnut-sized clit sucked on camera, Jornana lives a pretty normal life. She loves hanging out with her girlfriends, travelling, and relaxing in bed with a glass of wine. Books, movies, video games, she's a regular, albeit beautiful, gal who just happens to be a porn star. If that isn't your ultimate fantasy, then what is?

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