Cassandra Cruz

Cassandra Cruz's details

  • September 27, 1982
  • Weehawken, NJ, USA
  • 108lb
  • 5'1"
  • 34B-25-35


"I was a slut way before porn. That's why I started doing it in the first place!" Cassandra Cruz is clearly not one to mince words, and she never has been. In fact, her lifelong dominant attitude is one of the many reasons she enjoys such a hardcore following in the industry. It also doesn't hurt that she is one of the hottest Latina actresses to ever grace the sultry screen.

Born and raised in Morris County, New Jersey, Cassandra admits that she led a sheltered life, but also that, even in her youth, she had a sex drive that was unnaturally powerful. Both in school and at her first job as a librarian, Cassandra loved to tease the "nerds" with her hot body and sexual expressiveness, tempting them into public bouts of desire that would make them squirm with pleasure. At the same time, she would be filled with an overwhelming sense of raw sensual power -- a feeling that has still yet to be abated. It's no surprise then that, before getting into film work, Cassandra worked as a dominatrix in New York City, getting paid to dominate men with her forceful sexual nature and super-kinky desires.

But what may shock some fans is that Cassandra is, at heart, an artist, and even graduated from the Parsons School of Design with a BFA in illustration! Art remains one of her greatest passions to this day, and inspires the hot Peruvian madam to create. Porn, as it turns out, is just one of the many creative outlets for this brunette bombshell. Interestingly, she only started working in the business after randomly answering a Craigslist ad for sex workers, and slipped into adult work almost immediately thereafter. Having worked in the industry in some capacity for the past ten years, this size queen has since become a true legacy player in porn, leaving a presence as big and as powerful as the cocks she so dearly loves to pound.

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