Leah Luv

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  • July 28, 1984
  • Long Beach, CA, USA
  • 115lb
  • 5'6"
  • 36A-24-34


With her perfect small breasts, flowing blonde hair, and trademark braces, Leah Luv has made a name for herself as the poster gal for the teen niche. Even after crossing the big two-zero mark, this tight little sweetheart maintains her bright-eyed teen appeal. Maybe it's the California sunshine, maybe it's her laid back approach to life, but Leah has a glow about her that suggests she'll be fresh-faced forever. Despite having that innocent, goodgirl look down pat, this bubbly cutie is wise beyond her years. Unlike most XXX newbies, Miss Luv has her head screwed on right and her priorities in order. While other hotties are plowing through their sexual repertoire, Leah takes her time with her career, slowly working her way up the ladder of sex acts to achieve the kind of longevity that only legends possess.

But before this stunning cutie could become the clit-licking, ball-teasing temptress she is today, Leah had to put in her dues at the strip club. Nineteen years old and dripping with sex appeal, Miss Luv worked the pole like a pro. Her audience was so swept in her raw sexual energy that they reverted to their stone age ways, hooting, hollering, and banging on the tables like a bunch of cavemen. The bouncer at the club could barely keep them under control, so he suggested to Leah that she take her naughty talents to the next level. He hooked her up with a porn director who dropped what he was doing to shoot her cute little booty and perky A-cups, knowing that he had stumbled upon someone truly special. And he was right! Leah went on to become an AVN Award nominee and a favorite of porn aficionados around the world.

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