Roxy Deville

Roxy Deville's details

  • November 8, 1982
  • Indiana, USA
  • 121lb
  • 5'6"
  • 34C-24-34


Named after the villainous Cruella Deville, Roxy Deville is a full-lipped, pale-skinned brunette with big hair, small tits, and a voracious appetite for all things girthy. Growing up on the South side of Chicago, Roxy was the homecoming queen, the hottest cheerleader, and the perfect 10 hussy who always had a pack of horny football players following her around everywhere she went. Originally working as a shampoo-girl in a hair salon, Roxy soon realized she wasn't put on this planet to clean things. No siree, she was meant to dirty 'em! And that's how she started pole-dancing her way to stardom.

Refusing to bang the strip-club johns, Roxy got out of stripping and graduated to the one place where she knew she'd be working alongside the finest cocks in the country - adult entertainment! Although Roxy used to have wild stripper orgies on an almost nightly basis, she now saves all her energy for the mammoth cocks she takes on-screen.

With an impressive 291 performer credits along with six AVN award nominations, including one for "Best Actress" for her role in "The Texas Vibrator Massacre," Roxy is one of the most well respected smut sluts of the 2000s. When she's not shooting the hard stuff, Roxy loves hitting the beach and tanning until the sun goes down. Once Roxy finally retires from porn, she says she's going to "open up a little salon in the Mid-West and get fat and have a bunch of kids," but she's not done yet!

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