Holly Wellin

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  • July 4, 1986
  • Wigan, UK
  • 120lb
  • 5'3"
  • 34C-24-34


Holly Wellin will do just about anything on a dare, even star in her very own hardcore porno! When a girlfriend bet this curvy Brit that she wouldn't go through with her first shoot, Holly only wanted it more. Her gal pal should have known better than to question her resolve, because this lovely lady didn't even blink. She took that cock in hand and had her way with it, proving to the world that she's bolder and badder than any chick out there! Holly is spontaneous by nature, and you never know what you're going to get when she steps on set. One day it'll be cum-swallowing, the next she'll be taking it in the ass, but whatever this slutty daredevil's into on any given day, you definitely won't see it coming.

All the crazy stunts she's pulled over the years have made her one of the most thrilling performers working the XXX circuit to date. Directors love her sexual instincts, and fans just can't get enough of her surprises. Holly has shot well over 300 scenes, and with each new release she gains more and more fame. But before she was the top smut star she is today, this sassy stunner was just a small town hairdresser in England, dreaming of the day she'd bust out of her rural lifestyle and become the hardcore adult actress she was always meant to be. All it took was a simple bet to help her put her plump English ass on camera, and this porn princess was catapulted to stardom. A two-time AVN Unsung Starlet nominee, Holly has come a long way from her humble roots, but with notoriety like hers, there's no going back now!

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