Csilla's details

  • December 27, 1977
  • Hungary
  • 102lb
  • 5'3"


Known as the "diamond of pornography" in Budapest, Csilla is the very picture of Eastern European beauty. She's got the all-natural allure and raw sexuality that fans have come to expect from Hungarian hotties, but this curly-haired cutie has stepped it up a notch. She's hotter, dirtier, and sluttier than any tart working the XXX Euro-circuit! From her mischievous smile to her delectable toes, Csilla is everything a man could ask for, and thanks to her strong exhibitionist streak, the world can now enjoy every last inch of her right here on Digital Playground!

But despite being one of the hottest Euro babes to make it to the American screen, Csilla doesn't just rely on her stunning good looks to help her stand out. She knows full well that being pretty will only take her so far, and a gal's got to have talent to back up the beauty. While some ladies just lie back and take it, Csilla is a sensual vixen in the sack. She takes her time with her costars, making the kind of slow passionate love that they'll never forget. Her scenes are long and luxurious encounters filled with romance and tender caresses, but just because she takes things slow doesn't mean she's a prude. This sweet treat is a cum-enthusiast with a penchant for facials who brings a little filth to Hungarian erotica. So if you want to witness a true artist of seduction take fat American dick, then check out her sultry performance in DP's own Obsession.

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