Kaiya Lynn

Kaiya Lynn's details

  • February 17, 1980
  • Culver City, CA, USA
  • 99lb
  • 5'0"
  • 32C-23-32


At only 99 lbs. and five-foot-nothing, Kaiya Lynn is a Japanese spinner is so petite and flexible she can practically fold over and eat her own pussy! And with that hearty set of 32C tits, you know you'll have something to hold onto for when you fling her from couch to couch, and penetrate her from every angle.

But don't let her small size deceive you, because Kaiya likes it big! She likes it big in her mouth, big in her pussy, and especially big in her ass. Sometimes one penis at a time, sometimes two, it doesn't really matter so long as she gets what she came for. She's an anal addict with a one-tracked mind - getting fucked like she's the last woman on earth and that's all there is to it.

Since her 2004 debut, Kaiya and her tiny twat have starred in over 220 films, capturing international acclaim, and locking down an AVN nomination in 2006 for "Best Actress." Though she's now graduated to the MILF leagues, Kaiya must be drinking from the fountain of youth or something because she looks just as tight as when she started out over a decade ago. To this day Kaiya has raised the bar for Asian porn so high we can't even see it anymore.

Photos: Jack's Asian Adventure  photo Jack's Asian Adventure  photo Jack's Asian Adventure  photo Jack's Asian Adventure  photo

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