Austyn Moore

Austyn Moore's details

  • May 6, 1981
  • Palm Beach, USA
  • 99lb
  • 5'1"
  • 34C-24-34


With 34C-24-34 measurements, Austyn Moore's perfect body is the definition of an hourglass figure. She's got it all: ruby-red lips, bit tits, and long blonde hair - the kind of gal you'll want to lock down ASAP, because everybody knows she's gonna be a porn star. Luckily for us, Austyn's incredibly high standards have kept this sultry goddess unencumbered for long enough to launch a majorly successful career in dick-taking.

Mailing nudies to Playboy two days after her 18th birthday, Austyn eagerly spread her legs and dove right into adult entertainment. Despite never hearing back, this Floridian goddess was determined to ride her way to the top of the pile and knew there was no way her perfect twat could be ignored forever! Masturbating on camera gave way to fucking, and fucking gave way to fame. Next thing you know, Hustler Magazine was on the phone asking Austyn if they could showcase her titties on next month's cover. The excitement of knowing she was cover-material put Austyn into pornographic hyper-drive and she started pounding that pussy like never before.

It wasn't long before the awards and nominations started piling up and Austyn was starring in mega-blockbusters like the much revered "Pirates," where she plays a fiery ship-wench who goes head-to-head with Evan Stone's hammer-cock. Scenes like this are the reason why "Pirates" set an industry record for most AVN awards won by a production in a single year and is still one of the most talked about films in adult entertainment history!

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