Dick Delaware

Dick Delaware's details

  • November 12, 1974
  • Huntington Beach, CA, USA
  • 220lb
  • 6'3"


Aaron Brink, more readily known by his performing stage name of Dick Delaware balances two different professions, but both linked to the purpose of entertaining audiences. The first of these is the world of mixed martial arts (MMA) and the second is the world of erotic films. Brink was born in Hunting Beach, California. As the son of a "blue collar worker", Aaron Brink took up wrestling and surfing. Though he loved surfing, Aaron explained how he took up wrestling to show his dad he was still being athletic. He began wrestling at age 8 and continued to wrestle along with his surfing during high school. However, problems led to him being expelled from Huntington High School for fighting. From 1989-1992 he was in and out of juvenile hall eight times for different issues. It was after serving a prison stint did he begin a new path that would prove more his calling. At age 24, the time when he was finally released, he reunited with an old high school friend Tito Ortiz. With Ortiz's encouragement Brink began his pursuit of an MMA career. It began in 1998 and for the next five years, he had fought 24 times. In 2003, Aaron Brink would adopt the stage name of Dick Delaware. This would be the name he would use to begin his venture into the adult filming industry. Describing his start as having met a producer during a party, Dick Delaware was encouraged to give the porn field a try. He also admits that once he was there, he got into drugs. After overcoming his initial problem with crystal methamphetamine, Delaware admittedly fell prey to other drugs. He appeared on the A&E reality show, "Intervention" after his wife e-mailed the show with his back-story and problems. Since that time, Delaware has made a considerable return to both professions that were almost lost to him after his drug problems arose.


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