Holly Morgan

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  • September 9, 1982
  • Las Vegas, NV, USA
  • 114lb
  • 5'3"
  • 34C-25-35


Holly Morgan is a bubbly sweetheart who loves nothing more than wrapping her juicy lips around cocks of all shapes and sizes. This self-proclaimed blowjob ninja has been sucking dudes in the backseat of cars for as long as she can remember and has been eating pussy since she was 18. She's so good at deepthroating that you'll have a hard time deciding between her delicate red lips or her flawless little pussy. Better off just cramming it in both, just the way she likes it...

Armed with a lovely set of all-natural 34C titties and one of the tightest pussies in the biz, Holly has no trouble getting what she wants, when she wants it. A real man-eater, this horny harlot claims she can seduce any gentleman she desires, married or not. Growing up in Las Vegas meant Holly was immersed in sin since the day she was born. All those neon signs and bikinied babes had been carving Holly's destiny all along, ultimately leading her to Digital Playground's casting couch at the age of 22. It wasn't chance that led Holly here. It was a higher calling. A sense that making men and women cum on camera was exactly why she was put on Earth.

Almost 150 films later and Holly has certainly fucked her way into the big leagues of pussy stardom. Her bisexual nymph powers and oral fixation for everything from a woman's feet to a man's ball sack has garnered her much respect as an esteemed oralist. Holly Morgan gives testament to the fact that you can take the gal out of Vegas, but you can't take Vegas out of the gal.

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