Tiffany Hopkins

Tiffany Hopkins' details

  • June 28, 1981
  • Rouen, FRANCE
  • 99lb
  • 5'3"
  • 34A-25-34


Before her 2001 debut, Tiffany Hopkins was just your every-day French schoolgirl looking for a way to let loose. One night, she set aside her studies and left for the club, hoping to meet a one-night stand. But instead of finding a man to love and leave, this naughty nymph came home with two adult performers who were about to give her way more than an evening of frivolous fun. They changed her life forever, introducing her to Europe's adult industry, and opening her eyes to a whole new world of sexual exploits to enjoy. Struck by her intense blue eyes and steamy acting skills, the XXX elite treated Tiffany like a princess, gave her the best male talent, and set her up with only the most professional photographers in France.

Sucking tons of dick and winning almost as many awards, Mademoiselle Hopkins was having the time of her life in Europe. Still, this horny starlet wanted more, so she packed up her panties, and made her way to the great USA. If she thought she was popular in France, her States-side notoriety was about to blow her mind. Between the sexy French accent and lady-like poise, Tiffany was everything the American public wanted and more. Back home, she had remained prim and proper, but with the hub of adult entertainment at her finger tips, this stunning seductress started experimenting with her raunchy side. To her surprise, anal and double penetration quickly became her favorite sex acts, and with a sweet bubble butt like hers, there wasn't a male performer out there that could say no to her awesome booty. With each new dirty deed she tried, Tiffany became more and more comfortable with her inner filthy fox, flourishing into the all-out balls-to-the-wall cock-fiend she is today, and showing the world that French gals can get nasty too!

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