Terri Summers

Terri Summers' details

  • November 18, 1991
  • USA
  • 119lb
  • 5'7"
  • 35C-25-36


Terri Summers is a steaming hot Dutch seductress you won't believe was actually voted "least likely to succeed" in her senior year of school. Hopefully none of her classmates went on to become talent scouts, because Terri's little titties have graced the covers of Playboy, Hustler, and Penthouse: Netherlands edition, where she won Pet of the Year.

A true story of an ugly duckling blossoming into a beautiful swan, Terri says she was "definitely not the prettiest in the class." With braces, glasses and a bob hairstyle, this shy skinny gal from Amsterdam couldn't catch a break. But once she grew out of her teen awkwardness, she got dared by a friend to enter a contest hosted by Penthouse Magazine and won! Fast forward a year later and she's living it up in L.A., getting barebacked by adult film super-stars like Marco Banderas, a man whose dick is so immense, it can double as a baseball bat.

It wasn't long before movie offers and money started pouring in, and before you knew it, "least likely to succeed" was cashing out big bucks, big dicks and pursuing bigger dreams than any of her classmates combined! With dozens of adult films under her belt to date, Terri Summers is a true underdog story, and a really fuckin' hot one at that!

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