Reina Leone

Reina Leone's details

  • December 2, 1974
  • San Francisco, USA
  • 125lb
  • 5'6"
  • 36D-26-36


Reina Leone blew into this business with a whole lot of gusto, leaving a trail of hot gossip and sinful scandal wherever she went. Once an IP officer for a San Francisco hospital, this busty stunner lived a mild-mannered life. But when she wasn't toiling away at her nine-to-five, Miss Leone enjoyed a raunchy, filthy, dirty sex life, complete with sex tapes, illicit affairs, and public nudity. Bubbling over with raw sexual energy, she felt bored and stuck in a dead-end job, but in one wild night her entire life changed. She was out on the town with a police officer when she got the bright idea to film herself sucking his dick. Somehow the tape leaked into the public domain, and made this sexy civil servant a star.

Reina's first sex tape got her foot in the door and made her a big hit in the amateur scene, but it was a fateful encounter with the great Belladonna that skyrocketed her fame into the stratosphere. The infamous pornstar, director, and gonzo queen, introduced Miss Leone to the world of top tier smut. She cast her in some of her own films, and hooked her up with the hot shot producers that would put her ass up on major websites like Digital Playground. Her beautiful big tits, trademark "O" face, and voluptuous body made her perfect for all the top roles, and her nasty balls-to-the-wall energy made her a gonzo star. So if you're into curvy babes who don't give a fuck and just want to bone, then check out Reina's hardcore appearance in Jack's Playground 24.

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