Vanessa Lane

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  • October 14, 1983
  • New York, NY, CA
  • 100lb
  • 5'1"
  • 36C-22-33


Despite her conservative upbringing, this skinny seductress has made a name for herself as an edgy and progressive pornstar. Only country music was allowed to play in her traditional home, and it bored her to no end, so on the day she turned eighteen Vanessa Lane hit the club to writhe on stage and climb poles to the bumpin' beats of the DJ. Stripping released her intense sexual appetite, sending this gorgeous goddess into a horny frenzy. Suddenly erotic dancing wasn't enough for her and she needed a new dirty outlet for all that raw sensual energy. She responded to a model request in one of the adult magazines she'd pet her pussy to, and in no time she found her tight, slender body dressed in decadent lingerie, ready to receive her first big cock on camera. That's when things took off for this budding star, as she quickly earned recognition for her jaw-dropping body. Check out her tiny toes, then let your ravenous gaze follows those long legs all the way up to her cute little booty, itty bitty waste, and magnificent full tits. Marvel as she takes those yoga toned calves and effortlessly places them behind her neck, wrapping herself into one of her unique and acrobatic positions that show off her tight wet pussy. Since those first steamy scenes, vivacious Vanessa has fallen in love with porn, getting off on all the arousing attention she's received. An enthusiastic performer, this busty babe simply loves to fuck, relishing in each and every new erotic encounter that comes her way.

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