Sandra Shine

Sandra Shine's details

  • September 9, 1981
  • Budapest, Hungary
  • 125lb
  • 5'9"
  • 36C-26-36


Get ready to be beamed up to the seventh layer of pussy-heaven, because Sandra Shine's glistening vag is casting sex-rays all across our fair land! Born and raised in Budapest, this hot slice of Hungarian pussy has been in porn for over ten years, shooting enough solo and lesbian scenes fill an amphitheater! Evolving into one of the most cunning cunniliguists Eastern Europe has ever seen, Sandra should start dressing up in black pajamas because she's a regular clit ninja!

Getting into modelling in her teens, it wasn't until her 18th birthday that Sandra decided to jam it into high gear. Her first nudie shoot for a Hungarian men's magazine opened her eyes to the world of adult smut and she never looked back. Shedding more shyness after every shoot, it wasn't long before this big tittied Balkan angel was spreading her legs for the likes of Playboy, Penthouse, Hustler, and every quality titty mag you can think of. Magazines gave way to film, and Sandra was soon tribbing with some of the juiciest pussies in the biz, scissoring through lasses like a pile of construction paper.

With over 140 boner-inducing scenes to date, Sandra has achieved red-carpet celebrity status back in Hungary. She's so famous, she can barely navigate the streets of Budapest without raising the humidex on account of all the wet pussies that accompany her gorgeous face everywhere she goes. It goes without saying - Sandra is one of the most distinguished pussy connoisseurs of all time and every gal knows it!

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