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  • 115lb
  • 5'6"


European hottie Melody Daly followed the path of many hopeful starlets, leaving behind the ancient bathhouses and rich folk history of her Hungarian home to seek fame and fortune in the new world. Drawn in by the bright lights of L.A.'s infamous Hollywood neighborhood and the smutty promise of Porn Valley, this breathtaking beauty headed for neighboring Santa Monica to crash with friends until she could find her big break.

Gorgeous and tall with piercing hazel eyes, luscious lips, and smooth sun-kissed skin, this all-natural bikini babe was more than welcome on Cali's wind-swept sandy white beaches. Capitalizing on her good looks and erotic nature, Melody found work as a dancer. But life on the stripper pole was just a small stepping stone to Melody's dreams of porn superstardom.

A sultry performer with silky smooth moves perfected from her stripper days, Melody is captivating on camera and more than comfortable showcasing her perky tits and perfectly round bubble butt for world audiences. In fact, there is nothing that turns this wild brunette MILF on more than being watched. With her uninhibited nature and sweetheart demeanor, this hot and horny model will surely be enchanting audiences for years to come.


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