Makayla Cox

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  • June 18, 1982
  • Burnaby, BC, CANADA
  • 130lb
  • 5'7"
  • 34D-28-38


Makayla Cox is one of porn's true gold standards. Unlike the huge cocks and big titties that are so prevalent in the biz, one thing that isn't always in great supply is staying power. But Makayla is different. This salacious young MILF been a star in the industry since her start in 2004, and in that time, has redefined herself more than most, forever breathing new life into an already legendary career while making some of the hottest videos the internet has to offer.

Born in British Columbia, this statuesque Canadian queen moved to California to pursue her career in the adult world, and to quench her longstanding thirst for getting fucked good and hard. She immediately blew up the scene when she arrived, but almost as a tease, very quickly took a break from porn. After testing the waters of new ventures, she has come back with a bang, and has already started setting the world of pro-fucking aflame all over again! When she first started, Makayla rocked a sexy alt-rocker chick vibe with a sweet yet saucy attitude to match. Since her return, she's adopted a more mature look and sensibility, but one that is no less cock-hardening and seductive, with a toned body of smooth caramel curves and huge 34D tits.

Of course, her wild-child roots still shine through when this flawless fashionista-cum-cosplayer plays her favorite game of dress up. And she still loves shaking her voluptuous ass at any number of Las Vegas' finest clubs. When she's not breaking in exclusive new spots or slamming the hell out of super hard cocks, Makayla loves getting her big juicy booty strapped into a roller coaster or any other theme park ride, making every attraction she frequents all the more attractive. So whether she's on set or off, Makayla is a girl who will always love a good ride. You should give her vids a spin, too. They're sure to make you dizzy with lust.

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