Amber Simpson

Amber Simpson's details

  • November 4, 1983
  • USA
  • 106lb
  • 5'6"
  • 34A-25-34


Amber Simpson's bright blue eyes and tiny titties are too good to be true! One glance at her adorable figure and you'll be thinking "there's no way this chick actually shoots porn, she must have stumbled into it by some sort of freak accident." After all, there's no way such a pristine beauty with cute freckles like Amber's would ever do a crazy thing like get into porn, right? Wrong!

Dreaming of becoming a pornstar for as long as she can remember, Amber finally sealed the deal when she had her first threesome on prom night. After getting her first dose of two dicks at the same time, there was no way Amber could return to regular vanilla sex. So she did what she'd been promising for years and started cold-calling smut-peddlers all across our fair land. By the time her friends were all heading off to college, Amber was heading straight for Porn Valley.

When she's not shooting the hard stuff, Amber enjoys hanging out with her girlfriends back home, having slumber parties, or just taking it easy with a good book. Not letting the fame and excesses of Hollywood get to her head, Amber has retained every ounce of her girl-next-door charm. So check her out right here on Digital Playground, and get your first taste of Amber Simpson: the goody-goody who just can't help being bad!

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