Sarah Blake

Sarah Blake's details

  • August 21, 1980
  • Terre Haute, IN, USA
  • 105lb
  • 5'3"
  • 34B-25-36


It's been over 10 years since redhead hottie Sarah Blake first got dicked on camera, and what a journey it has been! It feels like just yesterday 22-year-old Sarah had her Digital Playground debut on "Jack's Playground" back in 2004. Though she was your typical up and coming, submissive all-American girl-next-door, could she ever take a cock! Those dick taking skills landed her scene after scene, movie after movie, until somewhere along the way, our innocent teen heartthrob evolved into something very different.

Sarah now associates as a "Domme" and describes herself as a "sadistic dominant with masochistic tendencies." A sub no more, it's now Sarah who's calling the shots. She even claims to have a 24-7 live-in houseman she uses solely for sexual deeds. "I am constantly changing, growing and evolving in knowledge of myself and my sexual desires," she says. At 5'3, 105 lbs., Sarah doesn't seem like much of a threat, but once this leather clad red-hot ginger whips out a paddle and puts your dick in a cage, you'd better know the safe word!

Hailing from Nowheresville Indiana, Sarah ditched her conservative upbringing and followed the stars all the way to L.A. She leaped tits first into the pussy trade and has been bumpin' and fuckin' ever since, getting four AVN award nominations along the way. A huge fan of all things erotic, Sarah is always full of mysteries and surprises. In the meantime, check out her classic footage here on Digital Playground, back when she was still an innocent cutie patootie.

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