Cherokee's details

  • January 12, 1982
  • kentucky, USA
  • 114lb
  • 4'11"
  • 36C-24-34


Whether it's her petite stature, round bubble butt, or adorable freckles, there's something about Cherokee that has captured the nation's attention practically overnight! One minute she was just a normal gal from Kentucky, and the next she was Porn Valley's biggest star. Everyone from Keiran Lee to Johnny Sinns wants a piece of this hot action, and like the generous darling she is, Cherokee is happy to oblige.

Besides porn, fitness is the biggest part of this athletic babe's life. When she's not on set, Cherokee can be found at the gym prepping her flexible thighs for her next scene. But while some of her slutty contemporaries party every night, Cherokee takes her health seriously, making sure to catch eight hours of shut-eye, eat only the freshest food, and train every single day. She may be short (only 4'11!!!) but she's extremely strong, making her an intense challenge for even the most seasoned porn actors to tackle.

Full of energy and radiating sexuality, Cherokee's intense performance style has made her perfect for the raunchy style of early 2000's pornography. She's right at home with the angsty tricksters of Jack's Playground, appearing not once but twice in the epic series. Before the advent of HD and fancy retouching techniques, this kind of raw, nasty, filthy porn was at its height, and Cherokee was at its forefront, leading the charge for balls-to-the-walls hardcore action!

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