Alyssa Lovelace

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  • March 27, 1982
  • Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • 105lb
  • 5'3"
  • 34C-23-34


Coming from a conservative household, it was tough for a badass like Alyssa Lovelace to get the kind of hardcore action she craved. The first person in her Spanish family to be born in America, Alyssa had to compete with the traditions of old world Europe for the right to be herself. Rather than follow outdated expectations and get married to a man from the village, Miss Lovelace took her own path, and lived a life full of raunchy sexcapades and romantic trysts.

With her glossy dick-sucking lips, sultry brown eyes, and flawless skin, Alyssa has one of those faces that just screams, "Come fuck me!" This stunning blonde is dripping with sex, inspiring instant boners wherever she goes. Dealing with all the ogling eyes can be tough for some ladies, but Alyssa totally gets off on the attention. A true exhibitionist, Miss Love will do anything for the spotlight, even spread her thighs and give the world a taste of her perfect pink pussy.

Ever since she turned eighteen, Alyssa had her heart set on becoming an actress, but she didn't want to be just any old extra. As a fresh-faced starlet, she set her sights on adult entertainment. The XXX world put stars in Alyssa's eyes, captivating her with its rich and scandalous history. Miss Lovelace chose her name to pay tribute to her predecessor Linda Lovelace, channeling the '70s icon's pioneering spirit. Using the star of Deep Throat as her muse, Alyssa has pushed boundaries, destroyed stigmas, and made a name for herself as one of the hottest performers to hit the screen since the great Linda herself!

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