Aaliyah Hadid

Aaliyah Hadid's details

  • October 19, 1995
  • Sanford, NC, USA
  • 123lb
  • 5'6"
  • 32D-24-36


Aaliyah Hadid is a sexy ebony who knows who she is and isn’t scared to share it with the world! Surprisingly, Aaliyah was a late bloomer; her first kiss wasn’t until she was 15 years old, but since then, wow, has she ever grown into herself! Plump lipped Aaliyah is totally unabashed when it comes to sex. Like most young people, she loves sharing sexy pictures of herself, both on and off set, on social media and even has a YouTube channel where she often uploads sexy and funny videos. Watch out for this thick, dark-featured beauty, it only takes one look to realize that she’s a natural-born heartbreaker.

Aliases : Aaliyah Hadid

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