Brittney Skye

Brittney Skye's details

  • November 5, 1977
  • Cape Girardeau, USA
  • 118lb
  • 5'5"
  • 32DD-24-34


Brittney Skye has those eyes. You know what kind of eyes I'm talking about. Big, seemingly innocent green eyes that you love to see looking up at you with a lusty gaze. When Brittney went topless at the 2003 U.S. Open, she approached eventual Open winner Jim Furyk wearing ribbons over her nipples and dark glasses over her eyes. Yep, this is the same hot blonde you saw all over the sports reports! But here you can see both sets of those big round beauties uncovered! The epitome of a California girl, Brittney is a porn actress who's been in Heist 2 and Perfect Pink.

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