Amilia Onyx

Amilia Onyx's details

  • March 16, 1999
  • Camden, MO
  • 150lb
  • 5'7"
  • 37-28-35


With dark hair and eyes, smooth skin, and amazing skills, Amilia Onyx is as sleek as her namesake, and just as precious too. A naughty girl with a dark side, when it comes to sex, Amilia likes to get rough. A big fan of bondage and BDSM, the self proclaimed "dick queen" has a fetish for nipple play, and her tight pussy can squirt clear across the room. With manual dexterity built from a love of video games and soccer, Amilia can slip in and out of any position that might please her partner, but doggiestyle and missionary are her favorites. Unabashed and proud of her sexuality, Amilia's love of public sex extends past porn: one time, this raven-haired hottie had sex at a lookout point in Malibu on top of a car!

Aliases : Amilia Onyx

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