Ashly Anderson

Ashly Anderson's details

  • July 28, 1996
  • Enterprise, AL
  • 115lb
  • 5'4"
  • 34D


With gorgeous hazel eyes, a button-cute nose, and an adorable smile, Ashly Anderson looks like a classic girl next door, which is awesome, because the girl next door is always a freak! Ashley's piercing gaze and long, sleek brown hair evoke images of your sweetie sneaking you into her bedroom for a night of passionate fucking. Ashly's beauty isn't limited to her face, because with a pair of amazing enhanced tits and a big, firm ass to boot, Ms. Anderson is the total package! She's the sexy college girl you daydream about fucking, the nerdy librarian that is ready to get wild behind the building; this beautiful brunette babe can do it all, and is ready to make your fantasies come true. Get comfortable and get ready to party, because with a body this banging, Ashly Anderson is about to take the porn world by storm and pervs the world over could not be more excited!

Aliases : Ashly Anderson

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