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Colin Hart fans, assemble! Blonde-haired, blue-eyed, and muscle-bound, if you close your eyes and picture an all-American superhero, you'll see Colin Hart's chiseled jaw and monster cock! Colin never used a super-soldier serum, but is very dedicated to his wellness and physique, and is so jacked that even his muscles have muscles! Married to real-life wife Alexis Monroe, Colin owns and operates his own online content store, where he and Alexis travel the world fucking in exotic locations, and sharing their journey with their loving fans.

In order to maintain his Adonis-like physique, Colin Hart hits the gym on a daily basis and employs a diet structured of whole foods and supplements to maintain his 8-pack. Colin has been known to give fitness tips to his fans on social media and demonstrates a proficient knowledge of bodybuilding poses in his many luxurious photoshoots. A huge fan of both pumping and humping, it comes as no surprise that Colin is a big fan of The Governator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and that his wishlist has several tanktops with famous gym logos on it. Like the famous line "when you get a pump it feels like you're cuming, so I'm cuming day and night," it's little wonder why Colin Hart always has a smile on his face: his whole life is an orgasm!

Aliases : Colin Hart

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