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  • November 30, -0001
  • 184lb
  • 5'10"


Plant based due to his meatless lifestyle, producer and pornstar Alex Adams is making veganism sexy one hot scene at a time. His dietary standards have left him with a muscle-bound physique and tons of energy, giving Alex one of the highest levels of stamina in the industry. Much like his diet choices, Alex produces scenes that are raw, trendy, and always in demand. While he might not eat red meat, his co-stars certainly do: Alex's ginger beard and hard cock make his co-stars want to swallow him whole! Alex is very active on social media, particular, as an admin of meme pages. It's nearly impossible to scroll his social media feeds without several laughs bursting from your mouth. Alex is light-hearted and fun, and when he isn't memeing away or advocating for the rights of sex workers, he's looking up brand new vegan recipes to experiment with. Of course, the previous are all fun activities, but Alex's true passion lies in the big tits, round asses, and tight pussies he fucks on a regular basis thanks to his porno stardom!

Aliases : Alex Adams


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