Mark Davis

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  • August 6, 1965
  • Essex, England, UK
  • 224lb
  • 6'1"


Raised in Essex, England, Marc Davis led a normal life among his fellow Englishmen. In 1981, at the age of 16, his family moved to Canada. After graduating high school, he decided to forgo college and moved to Los Angeles to shoot a "Playgirl" pictorial. After the photo shoot, he checked out Chippendale's and decided to join the popular stripping franchise., and stayed with them as a dancer and stripper for four years. In January of 1993 he took the plunge into adult films. "The industry is more of a family than most people think", he commented. "We're all a big happy family." A notorious ladies man, Marc married adult-film star Kobe Tai after an eight-month courtship. "She had everything I needed. The plan is that we'll grow old together. I'd have kids but not until we're both out of the business". However, he and Kobe divorced in 1998. Currently, Marc is one of the top male stars in the adult business.


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