Alessandra Jane

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  • November 30, -0001
  • Moscow, Russia
  • 103lb
  • 5'3"
  • 32D-23-34


Flexible Russian Alessandra Jane used to be a gorgeous but shy babe who idolized glamour models, so she decided to become one herself. Starting off in the smut biz looking like a fresh-faced girl next door, Alessandra's friends were shocked to learn she was making her porn debut. "Not her," said her friends, "not Alessandra!" What her friends didn't know was that there was a passionate fire burning within Alessandra, an explosive sexual energy that had to break free from her insecurities.

Those first few XXX shoots were life-changing for Alessandra. After filming a few scenes she felt like a new woman, empowered, sexy, and ready to take on the world. Gone was the modest, shy brunette, and in her place was an elegant, confident woman adorned in the finest of dresses and lingerie. These days, Alessandra can't even go to the cafe without people stopping her to take pictures, and she loves it! Every chance she gets she'll stick her big enhanced tits out and smile for the camera, and if she's being filmed, maybe even put on a sexy little show!

Though she now lives a glamorous, exciting lifestyle, Alessandra is still a simple woman of simple tastes. She loves to play sports and be active, and especially enjoys cycling to keep her ass nice and round. After being inspired in her younger days by the beautiful photos and videos of glamour models, now Alessandra is the model inspiring future generations, with her beautiful blonde hair, firm waist, and most importantly, sexy, powerful confidence.

Aliases : Alessandra Jane

Photos: The New Girl Episode 2 photo The New Girl Episode 2 photo The New Girl Episode 2 photo The New Girl Episode 2 photo

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