Emilio Ardana

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  • November 30, -0001
  • Seville, Spain
  • 165lb
  • 5'11"


Spanish-born Emilio Ardana is a muscled-bound stud that lives fast and fucks hard. The native of Seville is a competitive bodybuilder that places highly in contests on a regular basis. Standing almost six feet tall and weighing in at a lean 165 pounds, Ardana's dedication to physical fitness has left him looking like he was chiseled out of stone by an Enlightenment-era artist. From his bulging biceps to his wide back, Emilio's upper body is stacked and jacked, and while pumping is his hobby, humping is his life.

Getting a pump going in the gym has famously been compared to coming. Emilio does both on a regular basis, so it's no wonder he's in such a good mood all the time. The Spanish stud's massive cock is a favorite among the ladies, and he always leaves his co-stars thoroughly spent and satisfied. With a deadlift well over 350 pounds, Emilio has got the leg power for the hardest, fastest thrusts humanly possible. He's got the facial features of a male model, the body of an Adonis, and a cock the size of a forearm. Is there any wonder why Mr. Ardana is in such high demand?

In addition to the raw power between his thighs, Emilio is an enthusiast for another style of crotch rocket. Mr. Ardana is a motorcycle enthusiast, and just as fast as he's able to pound a pink pussy, he'll hop onto a bike for a joyride. Emilio works hard and plays hard, is a hard-body, and most importantly, his hard cock is sure to last until it's time for him to ride off into the sunset!

Aliases : Emilioardana


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