Trisha Parks

Trisha Parks' details

  • October 25, 1993
  • Chicago, IL
  • 110lb
  • 5'5"
  • 32B-26-34


How exactly does a sheltered teacher's assistant become one of the filthiest new porn stars on the scene? Pretty simple - masturbate ferociously and reply to modeling ads until you're flown out to Vegas for a shoot! Growing up in a secluded Baptist town in Illinois, Trisha Parks lived a quiet childhood, attending a private school so small her graduating class consisted of only nine students. Quickly becoming bored with the rural lifestyle, Trisha packed up and moved to Chicago, where she fell in love with city life and never looked back.

When her best friend taught her about kissing and sex in the back of his car, Trisha's sexuality exploded like an orgasmic jolt to the heart. When the same friend told her she was so sexy he would pay to sleep with her, a light bulb went off above her beautiful blonde hair. That night Trisha began contacting modeling agencies and quickly a recruiter got in touch. Offered a shoot in Vegas, Trisha decided to throw caution to the wind and try it; she had always been excited by porn and was ready to give it a shot in the big leagues.

Starting her adult career in March 2015, the supremely submissive Parks began to immediately push her own sexual boundaries. In 2016 she was nominated for three Spank Bank awards and began to discover a kinky side of her sexuality she previously didn't know existed. These days her fetishes include rough sex and bondage, and her ideal gangbang number would be five - one cock for each hole, and one for each hands. Trisha absolutely adores anal and is constantly searching for new ways to get off, no matter the limit. Trisha has come a long way from her small town Baptist upbringing but hey - we're definitely not complaining!

Aliases : Trisha Parks

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