Amber Jayne

Amber Jayne's details

  • March 20, 1979
  • Sheffield, UK
  • 125lb
  • 5'6"
  • 34DD-26-34


The quintessential blonde and busty British MILF, Amber Jayne is everything you love about English beauties all wrapped up in one gloriously curvy package. Clearly, she's got the looks, with big, blue eyes and mouth-watering curves, but it's the fact that she loves her job that makes her really stand out from the crowd. She loves to talk dirty, and her exhibitionist streak means that she gets off on knowing you're watching her almost as much as you do!

From her big tits all the way to those long legs of hers, every inch of Amber Jayne looks like she was born for porn. But, believe it or not, Amber was working as a medical secretary when she watched a XXX flick that turned her on so much that she knew she had found her new calling. Be warned, though: take one look at Amber Jayne and you just might feel a calling of your own!

Aliases : Amber Jayne

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