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  • November 30, -0001
  • Europe


Mr. Big Fat Dick can sure catch a lady's attention. By choosing a stage name that leaves nothing to the imagination, his co-starlets know upfront that they're in for a wild ride. Quite the ballsy move! But this Euro newcomer keeps true to his word. Packing a huge package in his pants, he's been treating on-screen lovers to deliciously orgasmic fucks since his 2016 debut. A fan of BDSM and MFF threesomes, Mr. Big Fat Dick likes it rough, and his eclectic fetishes are what brought him into XXX. This dominating stud couldn't find any kinky babes in his personal life--but he knew where they were hiding out!

Europe's adult industry is a sexy paradise of debauchery, and Mr. Big Fat Dick thought he'd fit right in. Needless to say, he was correct! Half Viking, half hipster, his rugged handsomeness and chiseled body were a hit with producers. And once they witnessed his bedroom prowess? They knew Mr. Big Fat Dick would be a future porn superstar! When he's not getting down-and-dirty with hot chicks, he keeps up a daring fitness routine of Crossfit, Ironman triathlons, and extreme sports. Always living life on the edge, Mr. Big Fat Dick is swerving into the international scene in DP's "Ski Bums".

Aliases : Mr Big Fat Dick

Photos: Ski Bums Episode 3 photo Ski Bums Episode 3 photo Ski Bums Episode 3 photo Ski Bums Episode 3 photo

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