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  • November 30, -0001
  • 200lb
  • 5'9"


Blessed with a massively thick cock and schoolboy good looks, Latin hunk Crazy Limbs was practically born to be a pornstar. And what wasn't given naturally, this hardworking gym rat chiseled out for himself with hours of dedicated, sweaty training. Now a third degree black belt in Taekwondo, Crazy Limbs also dabbles in mixed martial arts, wrestling, and jujitsu to keep his sex warrior form in tip top shape.

Since this dark-eyed stud's hot and heavy debut in 2010, he's often cast in the enviable role of the guy with the big dick, initiating the tiniest and most fresh-faced of starlets to the XXX industry with their first on-camera romp. When he's not impaling a newbie starlet on set or shredding on his impressive eight-pack, this alpha male is most likely out adventuring with his buddies: golfing, fishing, dirt-biking, and sharing steamy secrets about fucking the hottest girls on the planet.

Aliases : Bambino

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