Chad Rockwell

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  • July 6, 1988
  • United Kingdom
  • 180lb
  • 6'0"


For a guy to call himself "The Sniper" like Chad Rockwell, he's got to have an excess of confidence to match his massive prick, and the ability to land his every money shot exactly where he wants. Indeed the first thing you'll notice about Chad is the incredible amount of swagger he brings to the set, and the brash, swinging dick attitude ladies on both sides of the Atlantic find so irresistible.

After long days performing under the hot lights of the adult film set, expect this pipe-layer to want to blow off some steam at the club. Chad slips into his snakeskin shoes, buttons up a slick outfit, and goes on the prowl with his best friends in tow. It's the rare night this British stud doesn't find a beautiful babe to bring home for a night of hot sex in his loft. Where does Chad find the energy to double-dip with the dames every day and night? Beyond his natural gifts, Chad never skips a workout, and keeps his athletic body in tip-top shape to bring the heat in his every steamy scene!

Aliases : Chad Rockwell


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