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  • 105lb
  • 5'4"


Before she got into porn, the lovely Lexie Candy was a medical secretary. This, of course, is ironic, given how many hearts she's sent palpitating since joining the industry. Still, while Lexie flourished in the field of physiology, it was her own anatomy that she wanted to study. Deciding to moonlight as a camgirl in her native France, this once bashful Eurobabe began to embrace her inner exhibitionist and in the process has become a much more sexually empowered, confident, and horny little lady.

Lexie says that her more base desires were always there, but she took great pains to bury them beneath a thick veneer of decorum. But hers is a passion that is difficult to keep covered, and she was getting tired of having to be something she was not. At the same time, she admits that making the transition from camming to full-on porn was not as intuitive as she first imagined. Lexie often mentions how her husband (a high school sweetheart who has been with her since day one) was integral to her involvement in the industry, offering endless encouragement as she embarked on her sexy quest of self discovery.

That journey has shaped Lexie into a refreshing presence in the international porn business, as she not only lights up every scene in which she stars with her naturally bountiful tits, huge ass, and luxuriating curves, but also spreads an uplifting message of body positivty for her fans and fellow performers. "No shame" is Lexie Candy's personal motto, and regardless of your size, skin color, or kinks, she is here to show you just how dynamic the world of pleasure can be.

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