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  • 115lb
  • 5'5"


While comparisons have and will continue to be made between the two, Kim Kardashian has nothing on Patty Michova. Sure, they share a similarly voluptuous look: an almond-eyed, olive-skinned, raven-haired beauty that simmers in exotic seduction. But when these girls are stacked next to each other (admittedly a nice mental image), Patty always outshines! Maybe it's her heaving 32F tits and sun-kissed curves, or maybe it's the clear joy she has from taking a huge cock, or better yet two in a double penetration scene. Either way you slice it, this Slovakian sexpot is a total package.

Born in Slovakia in 1992, Patty went from living in the center of Europe to being at the center of attention of global porn. It was a destiny that Patty dedicated her life to, and one she still cultivates today as a household name on the lips of industry insiders. A supermodel at heart, Patty stands at the avant garde of international fashion, and is well known both on and off-set for her legendary make-up mastery. Of course, it isn't just how gifted she is at manicuring her already irresistible looks, but rather how she can craft a scene in porn that has made her so popular with her fans. The longer Patty stays in the business, the more versatile she proves herself to be. She has even begun getting behind the camera to produce and direct, as well as continuing to heat up the action in front of it.

Patty has appeared on the most prominent porn websites and within some of the most famous adult magazines in the world, even being featured as a Playboy cover girl. So it's no surprise that she has begun to be rewarded for her steadfast commitment to the industry at large. She's received many an accolade and professional nod in her short years in the game, including a DDF nomination for Sex Goddess. That's a fitting description of Patty if there ever was one!

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