Brad Hart

Brad Hart's details

  • June 1, 1991
  • Nashville, TN
  • 150lb
  • 5'11"


Ripped, romantic, and packin' a swingin' dong, Brad Hart is everything a top male pornstar should be. Right from the start, this handsome stud was destined for adult entertainment, so of course he became one of the most-booked male pornstars within his first XXX year. But Brad wanted to be so much more than a stunt cock. He was looking to build a career out of porn, and turn it into a life-long vocation. That's why he has become a recruiter for a XXX adult agency, and shifted his focus towards finding fresh talent. Not only has he established himself as a proper businessman, this strapping hunk has assured himself a treasure trove of sexy teen hussies to finger and fuck for years to come.

Born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, Brad has strong ties to the Southern way of life, but since he's moved out to Porn Valley, Mr. Hart has fully embraced the LA lifestyle. He loves his hometown, but the hot West Coast ways have taken over his schedule. When he isn't plowing gorgeous big titty blondes, Brad puts a lot of time into his health. He eats well, works out daily, and enjoys outdoor sports. So if you're looking for a bloak who takes his career and his body seriously, then check out Brad's steamy scenes right here on Digital Playground.


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