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  • June 22, 2016
  • 180lb
  • 5'0"


The man they call Stallion is leading the charge of a new British invasion in porn. And even though he's relatively new on the American side of the pond, he's already making waves. Indeed, no reins can contain the unbridled power of Kevin Stallion, who after only two years in the business, was nominated for the 2016 AVN Best Male Newcomer award; a commendation recognizing him for his professionalism, his power, and of course, his ability to fuck like some untamed wild man. And yet, as striking as this black beauty of a man is, and as many accolades as he has already accrued, he somehow remains both humble and polite, with a thoroughbred reputation for excellence. Thus, in many ways other than just physical, he has chosen his name well.

Both on the set and off of it, Stallion commands a dignified presence, even while standing still. However, when he is ridden, his quiet demeanor explodes into a thunderous storm of feral fucking power. His big black cock was already getting him notoriety as a sought-after stripper in his native England before he made the leap to the States, and it's doing even greater wonders for him now.

Even though his name, in many ways, sums Stallion up as a performer quite nicely, it does not completely define him as a man. With a body seemingly carved from onyx, it is clear that he takes physical fitness very importantly. However, his truest love (outside of fucking the hottest women in the world) is combat sports. Whether it's boxing, mixed martial arts, or even professional wrestling, Stallion will turn up to see fighters throw down! In fact, before getting into stripping and porn, Stallion was an accomplished boxer himself, which is why he still looks like an ebony god, with the endurance to match. These days, he would rather lay down a partner with his BBC than an opponent with a right hook. But that's just fine with his fans - they prefer him to be a lover, not a fighter.

Aliases : Kevin Stallion


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