Rob Piper

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  • New Orleans, Louisiana, CA
  • 200lb
  • 5'0"


"I'm actually a people's person," says Rob Piper. "The worst thing is to ignore who supports you. I love my fans of all genders. Just being able to make someone's day or answer a question or whatever it is to let them know I'm just like them, I'm no different. I just think being humble is key." Rob might try his best to stay humble, but he's definitely a cut above the majority of men. Just one look at his massive, ten inch big black cock will drop your jaw. A jock in high school, Rob has always been a popular dude, and was on the football team. Always active, Mr. Piper has a rigorous gym schedule, and before starting off in the porn industry, Rob occupied his time by playing sports, his favorites being basketball and boxing.

Rob Piper's popularity stems from the fact that he genuinely loves to make people happy. Porn acting came organically to the New Orleans native, who is a natural extrovert. Add performance to the mix and you get the recipe for an ideal pornstar. Rob says he "can't just fuck someone and leave." He "likes to explore someone and take them on a roller coaster that they've never been on before." Rob continues, "I like to please a woman and make her feel special, and make her the center of attention." Of course, as sensual as he is, if you know what you're doing, it's not so hard to please a pretty lady with a premium pipe like Rob's!

Rob is very active on Twitter and social media, and loves to make a fan's day by responding to their messages. In an effort to please every part of a partner, Rob is also a culinary chef who loves to try whipping up dishes of different cuisines. An entrepreneur as well as a pornstar, Rob has an upcoming underwear line, various toys and models of his BBC, and produces merchandise for his loyal fan base, who he calls the #PiperGang. Talented, motivated, and brimming with positivity, the 2015 AVN Award winner for Best Male Newcomer, Rob Piper, is just getting rolling in the porn game, and with his natural gifts and well developed discipline, he's a gentleman that will, someday, forge an empire.

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