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  • 180lb
  • 5'0"


"They love Undercover 'cause he's got the credentials: finger and tongue and a heavy set of genitals." There aren't many pornstars who have their own theme music. Then again, there aren't many pornstars like Sensi. These lyrics - a celebration of Sensi's alter-ego/personal website, The Undercover Lover - perfectly sum up this big black alpha male and his tenacious sexual tendencies. Whether they're from his native UK, America, or anywhere else, women the world over have fallen head-over-heels (and knees-over-head) in love with Sensi and his legendary 10-inch big black cock. But what sets "The Big Dawg" Sensi apart has perhaps just as much to do with his name as his famous dick.

Born in London, Sensi was always a hard guy growing up (in more ways than one, as it would turn out), even before he got into porn. For almost 10 years, this behemoth brother was an amateur boxer, as you might expect, given his natural size and strength. He was a pretty good one, too, so that whenever he would step into the ring with someone, win or lose, he would teach them not to take him lightly. Hence, he was a "sensei" of a sort, and still carries the name today. Of course, it has since translated into what he does in his personal life and in porn: teaching his "honeys" that they don't need to settle for second best.

He's stolen many a woman from under the noses of their boyfriends and husbands, simply by being the powerful, pure force of sexual might he is; trading in his talent between the turnbuckles for a raw power between the sheets. It's a lucky thing that Sensi hung up his gloves and answered an ad for male performers in the local paper one day, because this ebony enforcer has become a true star on both sides of the pond, with a huge following in Europe and America. One look at his fully-loaded love hammer in action, and you'll see why Sensi's reputation so often precedes him.

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