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  • 100lb
  • 5'5"


There are certain stars who make porn look like a fun-loving joyride. Barbara Bieber is one such woman: a beautiful, busty babe who effortlessly drives the art of girl-next-door seduction to new heights. With her smoky voice and bubbly, addictive laugh, it's clear that in each scene this full-figured eastern European knockout stars, she has an absolute blast! And we're not just talking about all the cum shots. Although, with Barbara Bieber, there are plenty of those, too!

Born in 1992, Barbara originally hails from the Czech Republic, where gorgeous women seem to be a national export. But even among the incredibly sexy standard set by her country-women, Barbara's perfect hourglass figure stands out, with big tits that are as pert and perky as her personality is chirpy. The rest of her body is a curvaceous dream in deep bronze, flowing over a thick, bouncy ass that doesn't so much move, as glide through scenes. That is, until she is bent over and fucked by the big cocks she loves so much. That's when her real fun begins!

Oh sure, Barbara Bieber may have a passion for fashion, a great love of physical fitness, and, as a multi-lingual performer, she may even be a cunning linguist. But let's be honest, she would much rather cover herself in cum than clothes, to twerk out than to work out. And when it comes to what she would rather have in her mouth, well, she absolutely prefers cocks to words. Take our word for it, this is one sexy babe you'll definitely want to Czech out!

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