Jackie Wood

Jackie Wood's details

  • Miami, FL, USA
  • 115lb
  • 5'4"
  • 34DD-26-34


Before her 2016 debut, Jackie Wood happily frolicked among the palm trees and bikini-bodies of Miami, Florida. She soaked in the hot and sweaty sexuality of beach culture, and developed a simmering personality that's perfect for porn. Whether she's walking along the ocean in bare feet or sitting pretty in heels by the pool, Jackie needs to be close to the water. It's where she feels most at peace, and peaceful pornstars always provide the most natural and genuine orgasms.

Aside from her smoldering sexuality, the first thing fans notice about Jackie is her curvaceous body. You can't help but elevator-stare this stunning sex-kitten, because every inch of her luscious frame is fine as hell. Not only does she pose her big tits beautifully in still photos, Miss Wood knows how to shake her hips just right for the video shoots. As soon as the director yells, "Action," this gorgeous Latina starts to move, twerking that booty, doing the splits, and even busting out a little salsa dancing. Very few ladies can rival her energy and athleticism, so if you're looking for a voluptuous new pornstar who knows how to work it, then Jackie is definitely the woman for you.

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